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About Us | GD STORE Garage Storage Canada

The idea.

Hi I'm Joe and I'm the founder of GD Store and basically, I'm lazy. By that I mean I hate spending more time getting ready to do a job than it takes to actually do the job. And the older I get the less tolerant I am. I guess some of that comes from being a professional Project Manager for the last 30 plus years.

So being lazy motivates me to make things easy. Well, my personal garage/shop finally pushed me over the edge. I simply ran out of space. Then the light bulb went on...why can't I use the garage door for storage space?

The design.

At this point the professional Project Manager took over...detail the requirements, create high level design and connect with a seasoned machinist to understand material and fabrication. Then prototype, prototype, prototype and here we are, ready to share this unique, amazing solution with you.

We decided to rely on our knowledge and experience as customers, knowing value and quality when we see it. And knowing good and proper service when we receive it. Then engaging trusted professionals help build our product line.

We will "Make it Easy" for you.... we promise or your money back.