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Our Story | GD STORE Garage Storage Canada

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Well, that pretty much sums up where GD Store came from. The personal necessity of needing more storage combined with a small business run by curious, thoughtful and determined team members. Together we transformed a notion into an amazing solution. GD Store is the answer for garages in need of more storage.

GDStore garage storage premium mount kit

Your Solution is GD Store

FACT....all garages have garage doors.

WHAT'S WHAT....garage doors take up approximately 20% of available storage space.

HOW IT IS....most garages are in dire need of more storage.

How GDStore Works

Revolutionary storage system that gives you space you never knew you had and gets you organized. Installs on your garage door in minutes. Also installs on the ceiling of your garage, closet...anywhere you need more space.

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GD Store For You

Our mission is to provide recognizable value in all our products supported by top shelf customer service. We will challenge our skills and abilities to create storage solutions that are durable, dependable and deliver a meaningful improvement for every customer.

We stand behind our products with a full refund policy.